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US states cover most of the continent of North America and consist of 50 states.
To the east lie the coastal plains and the Appalachians. In the center of the country there are the great plains called the basin of the mississippi rising in increments in the direction of the west where one finds the highlands of Colombia and Colorado, the Great Basin framed by the coastal chains, the chain of cascades and the Sierra Nevada, and also surrounded by the rocky mountains.

United States is a country with an area close to 9629091 km² and a population of just over 310232863 people. United States belongs to the continent of North America. Its ALPHA2 code is US and ALPHA3 code is USA.

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Some information on United States

iso3166 Alpha2 US
iso3166 Alpha3 USA
iso3166 Numeric 840
Fips country code US
Country United States
Capital Washington
Area 9629091 km²
Population 310232863
Continent North America

The regions of United States

Alabama (811)
Alaska (273)
Arizona (528)
Arkansas (705)
California (2591)
Colorado (645)
Connecticut (429)
Delaware (96)
District of Columbia (277)
Florida (1472)
Georgia (952)
Hawaii (137)
Idaho (320)
Illinois (1575)
Indiana (967)
Iowa (1055)
Kansas (747)
Kentucky (946)
Louisiana (719)
Maine (485)
Maryland (605)
Massachusetts (684)
Michigan (1159)
Minnesota (991)
Mississippi (531)
Missouri (1156)
Montana (404)
Nebraska (620)
Nevada (253)
New Hampshire (281)
New Jersey (723)
New Mexico (427)
New York (2153)
North Carolina (1081)
North Dakota (407)
Ohio (1415)
Oklahoma (764)
Oregon (478)
Pennsylvania (2176)
Rhode Island (90)
South Carolina (534)
South Dakota (385)
Tennessee (785)
Texas (2598)
Utah (346)
Vermont (308)
Virginia (1214)
Washington (716)
West Virginia (851)
Wisconsin (896)
Wyoming (195)

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