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Portugal is located in southwestern Europe. Portugal is bordered on the north and east by Spain. The south and west coasts open onto the Atlantic Ocean, where the Portuguese archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are located.
Portugal's main river is the Tagus (Tejo), which also originates in Spain and meets the Atlantic near Lisbon. This flower divides the country into two geographically very different areas.

Portugal is a country with an area close to 92391 km² and a population of just over 10676000 people. Portugal belongs to the continent of Europe. Its ALPHA2 code is PT and ALPHA3 code is PRT.

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Some information on Portugal

iso3166 Alpha2 PT
iso3166 Alpha3 PRT
iso3166 Numeric 620
Fips country code PO
Country Portugal
Capital Lisbon
Area 92391 km²
Population 10676000
Continent Europe

The regions of Portugal

Aveiro (13920)
Azores (4613)
Beja (5555)
Braga (14177)
Bragança (3015)
Castelo Branco (5025)
Coimbra (9257)
Évora (4998)
Faro (7558)
Guarda (4214)
Leiria (11139)
Lisboa (35230)
Madeira (4371)
Portalegre (3299)
Porto (32130)
Santarém (11489)
Setúbal (15732)
Viana do Castelo (7490)
Vila Real (4446)
Viseu (9284)