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Federal Malaysia consists of Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo. These two states are separated by the China Sea and affect Indonesia. Sarawak has a common border with Brunei. North of Peninsular Malaysia is Thailand and Singapore in the south.

Industry4WRD marks Malaysia's transition to full adoption of Industry 4.0, with smart manufacturing leading to the introduction of smart cities.

Malaysia is a country with an area close to 329750 km² and a population of just over 28274729 people. Malaysia belongs to the continent of Asia. Its ALPHA2 code is MY and ALPHA3 code is MYS.

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Some information on Malaysia

iso3166 Alpha2 MY
iso3166 Alpha3 MYS
iso3166 Numeric 458
Fips country code MY
Country Malaysia
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Area 329750 km²
Population 28274729
Continent Asia

The regions of Malaysia

Johor (164)
Kedah (153)
Kelantan (134)
Kuala Lumpur (281)
Labuan (25)
Melaka (121)
Negeri Sembilan (156)
Pahang (204)
Perak (233)
Perlis (77)
Pulau Pinang (146)
Putrajaya (66)
Sabah (398)
Sarawak (220)
Selangor (282)
Terengganu (158)