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Guyana, gateway to the Amazon

French Guiana is part of the French overseas departments and territories. Guyana is 95% covered by the Amazon forest.
In the north, Guyana is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. In the west, Suriname is bordered by the Maroni River. In the south and east of the country, Brazil is bordered by the Oyapock River.

French Guiana is a country with an area close to 91000 km² and a population of just over 195506 people. French Guiana belongs to the continent of South America. Its ALPHA2 code is GF and ALPHA3 code is GUF.

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Some information on French Guiana

iso3166 Alpha2 GF
iso3166 Alpha3 GUF
iso3166 Numeric 254
Fips country code FG
Country French Guiana
Capital Cayenne
Area 91000 km²
Population 195506
Continent South America

The regions of French Guiana

Guyane (77)

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